Merging Perspectives via GIPHY   Today we will learn how to merge separate foregrounds and backgrounds to create a new image. Using props, miniatures, or photos we can make a new image.  One photograph is due March 14th but needs to show a before and after (see car image below). Michael Paul Smith is the perfect … Continue reading Merging Perspectives


Portraiture and Color Editing

  This week, we are combining the last two assignments.  Using both portraiture and color for mood, we will create a fake album cover.  Assignment is due by next Wednesday,  March 7th.     This photo incorporates a few different lighting situations on the faces - Rembrandt, loop, and butterfly- and has an added red … Continue reading Portraiture and Color Editing

Using Color for Mood

Ever heard the term "rose colored glasses"? Definition of rose-colored glasses : favorably disposed opinions : optimistic eyes views the world through rose-colored glasses But we can also use this color in animation and photography to denote naiveté, innocence, or love. The beginning of UP establishes itself with a pink filter until almost … Continue reading Using Color for Mood